We were asked to create two lists for evaluating our ideas.

  • The user needs and design criteria uncovered in the course of your research to date.
  • A list of your personal criteria - what are attributes that are important to you?

As I shift towards a very different line of enquiry the first part is tough, but a first attempt follows.

User needs & design criteria

  • Empowers people to become more than just consumers of technology
  • Encourages active participation in technology culture
  • Simultaneously educational and creative
  • Progressively disclosing design (doesn't over-simplify or over-complicate)
  • Offers clear value, making it 'worth the effort' to use / engage
  • Creates a sense of opportunity and inspiration

Personal criteria

  • Aligns with and expresses my values on human-technology relationships
  • Should be a clear step towards an explicit larger vision
  • Important to have made something tangible rather than just a 'fiction'
  • Process should have deepened my understanding of the subject and sharpened my values and perspective
  • A meaningful contribution to the field that provokes further discussion